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IMCAR S.p.A. (Италия)

Компания IMCAR была основана в 1955 году и специализируется на производстве валкового оборудования, которое поставляется по всему миру. Политика компании полностью ориентирована на покупателя и предлагает качественное  оборудование и надежный сервис. Компания расположена в г. Конкореццо рядом с  г. Милан, Италия.

АНВАРД Индастриал - эксклюзивный поставщик IMCAR в Украине

Компания Анвард Индастриал является эксклюзивным поставщиком компании IMCAR.

Мы единственные в Украине, кто предлагает оборудование IMCAR, консультации по оборудованию и мощностям, и осуществляем полный цикл от закупки оборудования до его настройки и эксплуатации.

Основные направления оборудования IMCAR

АНВАРД ИНдастриал и IMCAR умеет анализировать потребности клиентов, консультируя их как в отношении новых машин для обработки листового металла, так и используемых, обеспечивая эффективное послепродажное обслуживание, ориентированное на то, чтобы гарантировать неизменную эффективность своих продуктов в течение максимально длительного времени.

В частности, специальные проекты включают в себя особую квалификацию и заботу всей команды: после получения всей информации о потребностях клиента персонал инженеров IMCAR и АНВАРД разрабатывает проекты машин, а затем переходят к производству. Продукт разработан и изготовлен полностью в IMCAR с использованием высококачественных материалов.

После достижения целей клиента, когда машина собрана и проверена, мы проверяем ее функционирование, а также показать сотрудникам заказчика инструкции по ее использованию.

Высокое качество настройки продукта на 100% сделанное в Италии, отличают установку IMCAR от других конкурентов, а способность экспортировать свои машины для обработки листового металла во всем мире делает IMCAR одной из самых важных компаний в этом секторе.

Листогибочные машины IMCAR

The bending process is a deformation operation which allows to give the sheet a certain curvature. This process takes place thanks to the plate bending machine, which allows the passage of the metal sheets in two, three or four rolls machines and according to the pinching, the correct positioning of the rolls and their rotation, which can take place manually from control desk or with numerical control, they generate cylindrical pipes, conical or polycentric shapes of different thicknesses.

IMCAR offers an unmatched selection of new and used plate bending machines suitable for thin or thick plates, actually there is a large range of machines from the asymmetric three rolls machines or the Hi-Tech models, which allow a bending process with perfect pre-bending and guarantee great precision, repeatability of the finished product and a very rapid working cycle, up to the three rolls traditional machines and the variable geometry ones, as well as also the 4 rolls machines versatile, accurate and easy to use with the advantage of ensuring high productivity.

To find the most suitable plate bending machine according to the requirements, IMCAR puts his experience at the service of customers: first we evaluate the type of work to be done and secondly we refer to the technical department in order to find the best solution.


Автоматические системы

The automatic bending systems represent an evolution in the field of sheet metal bending. The efficient IMCAR automatic systems ensure consistent reliability and quality of bending since the first piece.
The advantage that brings an automatic handling system of the pieces consists in a higher production speed, accuracy of the finished workpiece and ease of use. In addition, the customers will have the possibility to realize specific bending, to meet their needs.

IMCAR produces two models of automatic bending systems, in fact, depending on the sheet thicknesses the pneumatic or hydraulic Hi-tech model will be used. The automatic bending machine model Hi-Tech has 4 rolls and has total pre-bending, a productive equipment of high efficiency that reduces the manual production times and allows the reduction of the initial unbent part, making it almost non-existent.

The Hi-Tech is designed to produce in a short time cylindrical or multi-radius parts in one step by pressing a single button. This series has standard equipment that includes motor-driven upper and pinching rolls, hardened and ground rolls, high speed bending, compact structure, vertical support, the automatic sheet alignment system, loading system from pallet, automatic opening of the drop-end at the end of cycle and ejection system of the finished piece.

IMCAR offers customized automatic bending systems for each customer.


Вертикальная установка

This vertical installation has different work stations and several interesting advantages:

  • Processing tanks with diameters from 1,5 to 20m, expandable up to 40m
  • Steel thickness up to 12mm from coil or up to 30mm from plate
  • Working floor space reduction for tanks production in vertical
  • Lower number of skilled working people
  • Lower production time
  • High level of quality and standardization
  • Possibility to connect shells with different thicknesses without inside ring
  • Fast and easy coils replacement
  • Production of tanks without contaminations, especially for food storage
  • Low costs for the polishing operation
  • Plastic cover material is no more needed

Производство ограждений

Guard-rail bending machines for the processing of safety barriers

In addition to special machines to bend corrugated sheets, IMCAR has created guard rail bending machines, that is, machines to bend traffic dividers and safety barriers. You can work all the metal profiles bi-or tri-waves, both with internal and external wing, in the limits of mechanical deformation of the material.

This machine is provided with hydraulic motors.
All operations relating to the rotation of the rolls and the arise / descent of the upper roll occur by means of buttons on a separate and mobile control desk.
The equipment for the different sections are always mounted and this make guard rail bending machine simple and always ready for use for the following processes:

  • Bending of 3 waves barrier leg-out
  • Bending of 3 waves barrier leg-in
  • Bending of 2 waves barrier leg-out
  • Bending of 2 waves barrier leg-in

To bend the two waves barriers, both leg-out and leg-in, containment rings are applied to the existing internal equipment and their installation takes about 15 min.

IMCAR guard rail bending machines are designed and manufactured with particular attention to customer needs.


Фланцевые машины

IMCAR flanging machines are totally hydraulic, they let flange flat sheets, dished heads already formed and also conical ones. IMCAR, to complete the production process of dished heads, has increased its production by inserting some models dedicated to flange radiuses up to 300mm and thicknesses up to 30mm.
There are also flanging machine models up to 8mm thickness, which allow to both cut disks and subsequently flange them with radiuses up to 70mm.

The operator can check and follow the work step by step, by adjusting the pressure of potentiometers and all the other movements from a single control panel. All the flanging machines are entirely designed and manufactured in IMCAR facility with the best components on the market, they are designed to support heavy duty cycles with guaranteed performance. IMCAR presents itself as the ideal supplier for all manufacturers, who want to improve the quality and reduce the costs of their production


Прессы с манипуляторами

Повышение эффективности производства благодаря пресс-маслам IMCAR с манипуляторами

In recent years IMCAR has added to its product range the presses with manipulators, to offer to customers all the machineries necessary for the production of a complete silos.

One of the strengths of our presses complete with manipulator, is the ease of machines operation with a single mobile control desk on wheels and essential controls for the management of the press and the manipulator functions, operations executed and controlled by a single operator.

The manipulator performs all the movements in synchronism with the cylinder of the press; these movements can be simultaneous or individual and their logic sequence determines a cycle for the execution of the dished heads, starting from discs of metal sheets.

Some innovative technical solutions such as the particular construction of the main thrust cylinder, which increases the speed of the work cycles, allows to decrease the production time compared to traditional presses. Thanks to solid construction, these machines are reliable and can long endure even the toughest jobs.

Over the years IMCAR has always been attentive to the needs of its customers and the market, for this reason it has added to its range of products this particular type of presses, a cutting-edge solution to the advantage of the customer!


Эксклюзивные машины

Bending machines for corrugated sheets, exclusive machines to satisfy the customer.

IMCAR boasts the experience of more than half a century in the design, manufacture and sale of bending machines, profile bending machines and lines for the production of vertical tanks. To meet the requirements of its customers, it has also created a range of special machines, including bending machines for corrugated sheets, based on specific needs.

IMCAR offers two models to bend corrugated sheets:

  • CHO: a totally hydraulic machine, with three or four rolls with numerical control, which has special shaped rolls, allowing to bend corrugated sheets. The bending can be of constant radius, in case of versions with three rolls, or variable radius, in case of four rolls bending machines with numerical control. The corrugated sheets thus obtained are used in the construction of roofs of sheds, coatings, pipes, tunnels, underground passages…
  • ONDEX: a machine that allows to form perfectly symmetrical waves according to the thickness and the quality of the employed sheet. This bending machine can form simultaneously two or three sheets not exceeding 1.5mm thickness. The feeding table is moved by a pneumatic and timed cylinder, with the possibility to vary the feeding speed of the machine using a special adjustment, and form the first wave always in the same predetermined location of the beginning of the sheet.

Сварочные станки IMCAR

IMCAR welding benches have a useful length from 1 to 3 meters and are manufactured for the longitudinal welding of sheets and of circular or rectangular pipes of 1 to 5mm thickness.

The work cycle of this positioner for welding consists in the introduction of a pipe, which is supported both inferiorly and laterally, the longitudinal alignment, the clamping, the automatic welding and, at the end of the welding cycle, the machine releases the pipe for manual unloading and then it is automatically reset for a new working cycle.


Профилегибочные станки IMCAR

For over 60 years IMCAR manufactures profile bending machines with the purpose of customer satisfaction. Research, design and production are always directed to the manufacturing of machines which guarantee reliability, resistance and high performance over the years, even when subjected to heavy workloads.

The universal IMCAR bending machines combine the solid construction and machining precision with the latest technological innovations that make them unrivaled for power, maneuverability and performance. The structures of the profile bending machines are built with very thick steel of only certified quality and are electro-welded and heat treated to eliminate residual internal stresses.

The three driving rolls allow an excellent entrainment of the material to be bent, in any condition, even when bending delicate materials. The independent guide rolls adjustable in three dimensions, provided as standard in CPH series, allow to check the straightening of the profile and correct the tendency to twisting of asymmetric profiles.


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